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From this time Michael Kors Outlet lived a new life. His father treated him no longer with harshness, and even reproved his brothers when they tried to tease him. Carl and Johann grew shy of him, however, when they saw what a favorite he had become.

Louis found himself no longer restrained, but came and went as You are a good and dutiful Michael Kors handbags pleased; he took frequent excursions into the Michael Kors Outlet country, which he enjoyed with more than youthful pleasure, when the lessons were over. His worthy master was astonished at the rapid progress of his pupil in his beloved art.

“But. Louis,” said he one day,” if you would become a great musician, you must not neglect everything besides music. You must acquire foreign languages, particularly Latin, Italian, and French. Would you leave your name to posterity as a true artist, make your own all that bears relation to your art.”

Louis promised, and kept his word. In the midst of his playing Michael Kors handbags would leave off, however much it cost him, when the hour struck for his lessons in the languages. So closely he applied himself, that in a year’s time he was tolerably well acquainted not only with Latin, French, and Italian, but also with the English. His father marvelled at his progress not a little; for years he had labored in vain, with starvation and blows, to make the boy learn the first principles of those languages. He had never, indeed, taken the trouble to explain to him their use in the acquisition of the science of music.

In 1785, appeared Louis’ first sonatas. They displayed uncommon talent and gave promise that the youthful artist would, in future, accomplish something great, though scarcely yet could be found in them a trace of that Michael Kors Outlet gigantic genius whose death forty years afterward filled all Europe with sorrow.

“We were both mistaken in the lad,” Simrock would say to old Beethoven. “He abounds in wit and Add fancies, but I do not altogether like his mixing up in his music all sorts of strange conceits; the best

way, to my notion, is a plain one. Let him follow the great Mozart, step by step; after all, he is the only one, and there is none to come up to him —none!” And Louis’ father, who also idolized Mozart, always agreed with his neighbor in his judgment, and echoed, ” None!”

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